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Ear infections, or otitis media, are the most common ailment that pediatricians see in young children. Adults will also get them, but not as often. It isn’t always clear why they form, but contributing factors include structural issues of the ear in growing bodies, allergies, and viral and bacterial pathogens.

Symptoms of an ear infection

Common symptoms of an ear infection include:

  • Pain, soreness, stinging
  • Discharge of fluid and pus out of front of ear
  • Redness
  • Fever
  • Children crying, being irritable, touching ears

Often, ear infections are considered “acute,” which means they will come on suddenly as an isolated instance. But there are also “chronic” ear infections that recur multiple times or do not quickly resolve. Chronic ear infections can even lead to hearing loss if not treated.

Common treatments for an ear infection

Pediatricians will generally treat acute ear infections with antibiotics. Even though a large percentage of ear infections are caused by viruses, doctors often will prescribe antibiotics anyway. Overprescribing of antibiotics is dangerous because it can cause drug-resistant bacteria to emerge, not to mention it doesn’t help fight the virus causing the ear infection.

For chronic ear infections, the doctor may even decide to put tubes in the patient’s ears. While this will prevent more infections from clogging the middle ear, it has been shown to affect hearing in some children and is an invasive procedure.

Chiropractic care and subluxations

Chiropractic care has the benefit of improving the overall operation of the body, so our natural systems can better fight any conditions that arise. The body knows how to heal itself if conditions are right. Chiropractic care is meant to get the body into that optimal state.

Through daily stressors, the spine’s natural alignment will be upset. Irregularities, called subluxations, develop and twist vertebra out of their best position. The spine is like a river, allowing all the information of the nervous system to flow to the various parts of your body. Any part of this river being blocked or slowed down by spinal subluxation will make it perform less efficiently.

Chiropractic adjustment and ear infections

If you or your child are having ear infections, it’s possible the body is not fighting with its full potential. Being diagnosed and treated by a chiropractor can help return the body to spinal and immune health. At West Cary Wellness we have trained chiropractors who are experienced in doing spinal adjustments to fix these harmful subluxations.  

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