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Coconut oil is experiencing somewhat of a boom lately. It is a well-deserved growth in popularity, though. People are discovering a multitude of new uses for what once was simply thought of as a cooking oil. It’s true that coconut oil is invaluable for chefs — however, you’ll be amazed at how many other things you can use it for.


One of the most widespread uses for coconut oil is as a replacement for store-bought moisturizing lotions. Coconut oil can be kept as a solid in a cream-like state at cooler temperatures, but when it’s heated above room temperature, it melts into a liquid. It can be applied as a moisturizing oil when warmed up.

Lip balm and hair conditioner

Just like how coconut oil can moisturize one’s skin, it is also used to moisturize lips and hair. Since it does melt easily, it is often mixed with sunflower seed oil and beeswax before being put into chapstick tubes. As a hair conditioner, it is well-known for its de-frizzing properties and can be either a leave-in or wash-out conditioner.


People are becoming more aware of chemicals in their day-to-day products. The aluminum in deodorant is one of special concern to many people. Coconut oil is used by many as a replacement for store-bought deodorant.The natural antibacterial effects of coconut oil make it a great way to eliminate the body odor that is usually caused by these bacteria.

Feminine hygiene

There are many ways women are using coconut oil in their daily routines. One common use it as a makeup remover. Simply applying the coconut oil to one’s face can remove even the toughest makeup applications.

Also, the antibacterial properties already mentioned make it very useful in combating urinary tract infections and yeast infections when consumed – though you should consult your doctor when treating these issues.

Treating and conditioning

For similar reasons that make coconut oil a great moisturizer on skin, it is also useful in moistening and preserving other surfaces as well.Treating leather with coconut oil can prevent it from cracking and drying. Similarly, treating leather with coconut oil can prevent it from cracking and drying. Wood is also treated with coconut oil to prevent it from drying and to elongate its life in objects like cutting boards and wooden utensils.  


Coconut oil works wonders on a small engine needing to be lubricated. It also can be applied to hinges that are creaking with every opening and closing.

Other uses

The list of uses for coconut oil goes on. Other areas that coconut oil get used are as a diaper cream, as a sunscreen, as a cleaning product, and even as a toothpaste. By implementing coconut oil into your own daily routine, you may even find your own uses for this versatile natural oil.

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