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The custom of choosing a New Year’s resolution is a popular way of trying to make improvements to your health and wellness. If one chooses something small and achievable every year, these changes can compound to create a healthy lifestyle. Trying to achieve too much too soon though is a good way to be one of the 92 percent that fails to keep their resolution.

For the best chance at making a successful and healthy resolution that sticks, try one of these five simple goals.

Drink more water

Many of us walk around dehydrated all day. This can affect your overall health because our bodies require water for every organ to perform efficiently. Different body sizes require different amounts, but a good way to tell if you’re properly hydrated is to take note of the color of your urine. It should be a clear or light straw color, never a darker yellow.

Get proper sleep

This year give yourself a break. The Raleigh Durham area is pretty hectic and, despite being exhausted, most are not putting effort into getting proper rest. Although eight hours is the most commonly cited number, getting at least seven is usually enough to remain healthy for most people. Turn off the devices and lights a little earlier this year and put some effort into sleeping better. Your body will thank you.

Start walking

Health researchers are learning more and more about the benefits of walking. One physician even called it a Magic Pill because of all it does to reduce the risk of death and disease. The good thing about walking is it is a pretty low-key form of exercise that does not leave one panting for breath, covered in sweat or sore the next day. It is even low impact on your joints. Find a beautiful park nearby and make it a habit. The Triangle has some great parks like Umstead State Park and Jordan Lake.

Incorporate meditation & mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of intentional living where one focuses in the moment to calm the mind. Meditation requires similar focus, but it is more about taking time away from daily tasks to clear mental clutter. Both of these are shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Give them a try and see big benefits to your quality of life.

No more soda

There are very few reasons to drink soda. Drinking it regularly is a clear path towards diabetes and weight gain. If you want something with caffeine, try black coffee or tea. If you want something with a little flavor and punch, try carbonated, flavored water. This one switch can bring huge improvements to your health. Maybe just combine this goal with the first one and drink water instead!

West Cary Wellness can help

If you have any questions about how to improve your health this year, reach out to West Cary Wellness at (919) 303-1577 and we can discuss some options. Wellness is about lifestyle and habits. Those living in and around Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Morrisville can rely on us to provide information and counseling to improve health habits any time of year.

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