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Back pain is inescapable. We will all experience it at some point. Pain can signal when something is wrong though, so it is a useful bodily function. Minor pains that go away quickly and can be managed with a few days of pain relievers may not be anything to worry about. Many other types of back pain though should be treated immediately. Here are some signs that you should consult a chiropractor.

  1. The pain has been chronic or ongoing – If you have suffered from back pain for many months, or even years, it is time to get a diagnosis and some treatment for relief.
  2. Your job is causing back pain – Different professions can cause back pains for different reasons. Those in physically demanding jobs may be straining and pulling muscles. Those in desk jobs may have developed bad posture and a weak core, leading to chronic pain. Either way, a chiropractor can treat the pain and give directions on how to prevent this from happening again in your specific career.
  3. Pain is reducing your quality of life – When pain prevents you from participating in activities that you used to enjoy, like going to the gym, playing with your children or hiking, you should see a chiropractor.
  4. The pain arrived after an accident or trauma – Those involved in a car accident, a fall or other trauma to the spine who experience pain may have the need to be concerned. Trauma left untreated can compound, and pain may worsen.
  5. The pain radiates down into the legs or other extremities – Disc degeneration can lead to pinched nerves or other nerve damage that affects the extremities. Numbness, pain and tingling in the legs and feet are especially common complications of this type of back pain.
  6. Loss of mobility – If back pain is accompanied by a loss of balance and mobility, the pain may be a sign of larger spinal health problems. Do not let your mobility diminish without being seen by a spinal health professional like a chiropractor.
  7. The pain is severe – If the pain is strong enough to cause a large disturbance to your life, this should be investigated promptly. Severe back pain can make it impossible to get proper sleep, reduce work productivity and generally affect mood.

West Cary Wellness is ready to see you when back pain hits.

We live busy lives in the Triangle. Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas are full of hard-working people who may not think they have the time to get their lingering back pain checked out. Your health is too important and your life is too short just to let something like back pain continue. Come see us or give us a call today for an appointment.

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