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Starting A Diet That Works — at West Cary Wellness

Starting A Diet That Works — at West Cary Wellness

Starting A Diet That Works — at West Cary Wellness

Coming to the decision that it’s time to lose weight is a hard, but important, one if you feel that it’s time to take your life and your health back. But after you’ve gotten over the hurdle of knowing you need to change your life, there are steps you can take to put yourself on the road to success. A huge part of losing weight is proper diet and exercise, but ensuring you are set up with a positive support system will also help guarantee you lose the weight you want to.

Set A Goal

How can you lose weight if you don’t tell yourself how much you’re going to lose? The best way to lose weight is to set monthly weight goals to slowly chip away at your larger overall goal. Meeting monthly goals can give you much needed encouragement, because there will be times where you may miss your goal, but that’s ok because the end game is reaching the ultimate goal.

Find A Support Partner

Losing weight will be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. It takes discipline and a drive to take the necessary steps to change your lifestyle. No man, or woman, is an island and it’s because of this that you need to set yourself with the proper support system to achieve your goal. Find a friend to exercise with you, or someone to send you weekly uplifting messages. Changing your lifestyle and working towards your goals will be hard, but when you have people supporting you it can make a world of difference.


Proper exercise is a crucial element to losing weight. Getting on the right workout plan will help you define your discipline levels and push yourself to reach your goals. While exercising isn’t the only part of losing weight it is extremely important to workout at least three times a week (increasing more as you get farther along your journey).

Proper Dieting

Dieting is perhaps the most important, and often most overlooked, part of losing weight. Finding the right diet to match your body’s needs is what will help you achieve your goals the most. When combined with proper exercise, you will become a healthy weight-loss machine. Finding the right foods to cut out of your life will be hard at first, but once you cut them out you will find yourself with more energy and living a healthier lifestyle. One of these foods to cut out is sugar. Sugars are an unnecessary part of most foods in today’s processed market and cutting them out will give you more energy while also positioning your body to become the healthiest it can be.

Meal Plan

A good supplement to dieting and a way to ensure you stick to your diet is meal planning. Meal planning is not just having a book of recipes, but it cooking your meals for the week in bulk before your week begins. Proper meal planning consists of purchasing your foods in bulk and acquiring proper Tupperware and food storage solutions to make sure your food keeps throughout the week. Meal planning will also assist you in forming discipline needed to lose weight while also helping you cut sugars (with proper recipes) and eating healthier.

Don’t Give Up

Stay the course. Losing weight is hard and is something you can’t do alone. Lean on your support system, keep your discipline, but most importantly – don’t ever give up. If you follow these steps you will be set up to meet your goal weight and achieve the success that comes with losing weight.

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