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Avoiding sugars is easier said than done, we know. But one thing that can help tremendously in the fight to flee from sugar is a knowledge of where sugar hides itself. Many foods parade themselves on your store shelves as “healthy” or “natural” but, in fact, are packed with sugars that can derail your diet and hurt you in the long run. In this post, we’ll shine some light on those hidden sugars in certain foods in the hopes that you too can live a healthier, happier, sugar-free life.


One good thing to remember when shopping at the grocery store is that if it’s pre-packaged that usually means packed with sugar. The sauce on those barbecued ribs has 13 grams of sugar for every two tablespoons of BBQ. And with so much meat to coat, you’ll need a lot of that sauce. A serving of ribs, which alone can be a good fat, sugar-free meal, can really have you taking in more than you think.


How can yogurt be unhealthy when it’s tied to so many weight-loss commercials? Well, what they don’t tell you that they’re probably eating one spoonful of that sugar-packed stuff and even that is too much sugar. They may seem innocent, but fruit yogurts can have up to 19 grams of sugar. No wonder yogurt tastes like dessert.


Now, we’re pretty sure no one has ever thought that Chinese takeout is healthy but, for what it’s worth, you’d be surprised at the level of sugars hidden in it. Takeout has a reputation for having a lot of MSG and sodium, but dishes like sweet and sour chicken can have 19 grams of sugar.


Pasta just can’t catch a break. But there’s a reason for that if you’re trying to live a healthy life. The sauce alone can have up to 12 grams of sugar for every half cup. Although pasta doesn’t have any sugar, it is digested so quickly by your body that it spikes insulin just like sugar. Basically, if you’re trying to diet, avoid pasta. Invest in a spiralizer.


Dried fruit may sound healthy, but you might as well be eating candy. Fruits, unfortunately, pack a lot of sugar and when you dehydrate them those sugars just become more concentrated. A third of a cup can have 24 grams of sugar. What’s worse? Most brands list added sugar as an ingredient.


Yet another sugar-packed product parading itself as “healthy.” Don’t be fooled by granola bars. While Granola itself can be a healthy snack, those convenient bars aren’t just made of whole-grain oats. One snack bar can have 12 grams – or more – sugar. Reading the label before that afternoon snack might be a good idea.

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