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Weight Loss Clinic near SouthPoint & Southern Durham

Weight Loss Clinic near SouthPoint & Southern Durham

Weight Loss Clinic near SouthPoint & Southern Durham

West Cary Wellness proudly serves southern Durham’s chiropractic and weight loss needs.

We treat our patients’ underlying issues, not simply their symptoms. The body requires proper nerve energy and a flow of information to properly function. If left uncorrected, a spinal malfunction can interrupt internal communication and cause pain and other imbalances. Even if you feel fine, chiropractic care can help. Dr. Alex Brennan at West Cary Wellness help you improve your lifestyle, help you correct your posture and more by recommending the right spinal-care program.

Aside from chiropractic care like adjustments, West Cary Wellness looks to improve our patients’ overall well-being by giving them tips on lifestyle changes that can help them lose weight without strenuous dieting and exercising. Our exclusive weight loss management system is completely safe and can work for you. You can see immediate changes. Some patients can lose up to a pound a day, although results may vary.

West Cary Wellness looks to retrain patients’ bodies while equipping them with the knowledge about what the body really needs.

Need to see a chiropractor near Streets at Southpoint Mall in Durham? Are you ready to get serious about your weight loss? Schedule your free consultation by calling us at (919) 968-LOSE or stopping by our office in Cary.

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