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Weight Loss FAQs

Learn more about how our weight loss services can help you

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Free Weight Loss Consultation

This is a physician assisted customized weight loss program designed to get your body functioning normally through the use of all natural supplementation and HEALTHY eating.

You will meet with Dr. Brennan and learn the details of the program. There’s no obligation to you. We will also talk about your goals and what the right plan for you is for you.

NO! The consultation is completely free. No hidden cost.

The cost is different for everyone. The cost is far less than all of the current big box weight-loss programs. We also accept Care Credit.

Foods on this plan can be found at any grocery store.

Dr. Alex is a chiropractor with 25 years of experience in nutrition. His wife is also on staff, and she is an RN with a degree in nutrition.

Insurance does not cover this however there is care credit and plans such as health care savings which do cover it.

You will be changing how you eat; learning to eat healthily.

If you stick with the plan it will work. In five years we have never had anyone fail on this program. This is a big decision but if you take the plunge, we will be with you on your journey and you will succeed.

No; this not a work-out plan. We will focus on healthy eating habits. If you feel like taking a walk, feel free. We can always add exercise once we complete the initial phase.

No; the program is designed to reset your body to get rid of toxins and use fat as your primary energy source.

YES! Dr. Brennan will meet with you one on one to customize a plan to meet your goals. You will fill out a form which you can find here.

Give us a call or shoot us an email ( We love talking to new people.