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Weight Loss FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Free Weight Loss Consultation

What is your program?
Our program is a supplement-driven, nutrition-based program designed to get your body into fat-burning mode. We build a plan for you consisting of real foods from the grocery store and supplement it with natural supplements, hydration strategies, and daily one-on-one coaching.
What is the consultation for?
We offer a free, no-obligation consultation so that our Doctors can learn about you and design a program that is customized specifically for your needs.
Does the consultation cost anything?
The initial consultation is completely free with no-obligation to enter our program.
What does the program cost?
That’s a great question. Every program is different and yours will depend on a lot of different factors. Age, sex, how much weight you need to lose, current medications, hydration level, previous medical history, and even how many other times you’ve tried to lose weight. All of those affect not only how quickly you will lose weight, but also how our doctors will design your program. We’ve worked with people of all ages and backgrounds who need to lose as little as 10 pounds or as much as 150-200 pounds. Our goal is to build a program that is customized specifically for you and we never want to guess with your health. During the free consultation we will be able to provide customized, accurate numbers to fit your program.
Do you use appetite suppressants/HCG/stimulants/drugs?
No! Our program is 100% natural. We do not believe in the use of drugs or stimulants to promote weight loss. Programs that utilize these drugs may have drastic results up-front, but the likelihood of gaining the weight back and proven long-term side-effects of those drugs mean we choose not to use them in our practice.
Do I have to buy certain foods?
Yes and no. We will provide a very detailed shopping list for you, but you can purchase your food at literally any grocery store. We want you learning how to live a healthy lifestyle so we aren’t going to provide you with any pre-packed meals or shakes. Everything is real food from your local grocery store.
Do you require regular office visits?
No! While we prefer that you come in-person for your free, initial appointment, most of our communication is done remotely. We are located in Cary, NC but have worked with patients in Virginia, South Carolina, California, and even London! If you have regular access to a phone or email, we can work with you!
Will I really lose 1 pound per day?
Our average male client will lose approximately 0.75 – 1.0 pounds per day and our average female client will lose approximately 0.3 – 0.5 pounds per day (but even some of our female clients lose up to 1 pound per day during the initial stages). This average also varies based on your age, health history, number of medications, and other health information.
Do you take insurance?
Yes, our office does accept most major insurance carriers, but unfortunately, they do not cover “wellness weight-loss.” But, if you have access to a Flex/Health Savings Account, you can use that to cover your program in part or in full!
Do you offer financing?
Yes, we are one of the largest Care Credit providers in the state of North Carolina (offering up to 18 months of interest free financing) and also offer other non-credit based financing options for individuals who do not qualify for Care Credit.
Do you require exercise?
No. The maximum amount of physical activity we generally would request of someone would be to go out and walk. We want your weight loss to be fueled by the way you eat, not by wearing yourself out in the gym.
Will I keep the weight off?

Yes. Our program is 2 STAGES: “Weight-Loss” AKA Rehab and “Maintenance” AKA Retrain. You will work one-on-one with our Doctors throughout your entire weight loss journey and then be transferred into a “maintenance phase” where our Registered Nurse, Emily, will walk you through the process of moving from a diet mindset to a wellness mindset. Emily remains a lifelong resource for every individual we work with and will partner with you in keeping your weight off, long term!

Can I do this with a family member?

Absolutely. We actually encourage family members, children, spouses, etc. to do the program together because that means you’ll have a teammate on your journey.

How do I enter your program?
All you have to do is call us at (919)925-3553 or submit an online interest form through our “Contact Us” section. We will schedule your free, no-obligation consultation as soon as possible!

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